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Sunday, November 22nd

1:00 pm at The Book Stall

An ordinary Danish Christmas turns extraordinary when a family overlooks an important folkloric tradition. Christmas has come, and with it a sparkling white winterfrost over the countryside. But twelve-year-old Bettina's parents have been called away unexpectedly, leaving her in charge of the house, the farm, and baby Pia. In all the confusion, Bettina's family neglects to set out the traditional bowl of Christmas rice pudding for the tiny nisse who are rumored to look after the family and their livestock. No one besides her grandfather ever believed the nisse were real, so what harm could there be in forgetting this silly custom? But when baby Pia disappears during a nap, the magic of the nisse makes itself known. To find her sister and set things right, Bettina must venture into the miniature world of these usually helpful, but sometimes mischievous folk. Winterfrost by Michelle Houts is a delightful winter adventure for lovers of the legendary and miraculous.

This event is free and open to the public.



Wednesday, November 26th

6:00 pm at The Book Stall


We are closing early today and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be open again on Friday morning, November 28th at 9:30.




Thursday, November 27th

All day at The Book Stall


The Book Stall will be closed today and will reopen at 9:30 tomorrow morning. We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!



Saturday, November 29th

11:00 am - 12:30 pm at The Book Stall

Choosing meals prepared with fresh, natural ingredients isn't just healthy, it's good for the earth. In Don't Cook the Planet, author Emily Abrams and an all-star collection of chefs and eco-activists share more than 70 delicious recipes as well as tips on how to minimize your carbon footprint. Each contributor - including Stephanie Izard, "Top Chef" star and executive chef at Girl & the Goat; Chevy Chase; "MasterChef" judge and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot; actor Joshua Henderson; and many others - provides easy, everyday ideas that will save you money and stock your kitchen with fresh, delicious foods while preserving the planet for generations to come. The author, an 18-year-old activist, approaches sustainability from a personal perspective, striving to make changes that will impact her generation, and in so doing, has created a cookbook that explains how positive food choices significantly impact one's environment as well as one's health.

This event is free and open to the public.


RICH CAHAN - Meet & Greet

Saturday, November 29th

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm at The Book Stall

Since her death in 2009, Vivian Maier has become a photographic phenomenon. Her story - thousands of photo negatives and prints found in a storage locker and sold for pennies at auction - has stirred millions around the world. Maier was a painfully private woman who now speaks powerfully through the photographs she took only for herself. This new collection offers readers a chance to follow Maier as she travels the world, including images of France, Italy, Malaysia, Yemen, Puerto Rico, and America. These eye-to-eye portraits, published for the first time, are the single constant in her lifetime of photographic work. Maier is often cast as a quirky, antisocial character, moving on the outskirts of real connection. But these photographs show something more. Printed with the latest technology, the book utilizes a modified four-color process that produces images akin to traditional silver gelatin prints. Combined with 15u stochastic screening, Maier's 96 photographs in this volume are spectacularly sharp, full-range black-and-white reproductions.



Saturday, November 29th

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm at The Book Stall


Julie Buckles and Charly Ray built a wood and canvas canoe, exchanged marriage vows, and paddled away from their front yard, planning to travel 2,700 miles to the Arctic Ocean and winter over in a tiny cabin. What a honeymoon! Told in Julie's page-turning style, their story is full of humor and humility, rapids and relationships, love and life. It's an adventure about a couple's wilderness journey from Lake Superior to the Canadian north.


This event is free and open to the public.



Monday, December 1st

7:00 pm at The Book Stall


From being inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2013, to serving in an executive role on the Detroit Red Wings, and signing on to become an NHL analyst for Fox Sports 1, Chris Chelios has proven himself to be a man of many talents and here he tells his story. Drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1981, Chelios enjoyed a long career in the NHL, playing for 26 seasons for the Canadiens as well as the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings, two diehard hockey markets in which he has become a beloved figure. From the 1992 Stanley Cup final to the 2006 Winter Olympics team, Chelios shares his achievements on the ice while providing new information on his life off it to readers, making this autobiography a must-have not only for Chelios fans, but anyone who loves the game of hockey.


Please be advised: In order to get a spot in the signing line you are required to buy a copy of Made in America from The Book Stall. Also, Chris will sign one piece of paraphernalia per book purchased from our store. If you would like to have multiple items signed, you must buy a book for each item.


WALTER ISAACSON - A Chicago Council Event

Tuesday, December 2nd

5:30 pm at The Fairmont Hotel, Chicago

What makes a mind inventive? And why do some inventive minds—like the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the world—succeed so magnificently where others fail? We have all heard the popular success story about the genius in a garage who through hard work and a bit of eccentricity is able to transform his ideas from obscurity into world-changing innovations. According to Walter Isaacson, however, innovation may not be a loner’s endeavor. What lessons can we learn from the uber-successful few inventors, hackers, geniuses, and geeks that may help the next generation of innovators turn their visionary ideas into disruptive reality?

For reservations, please go to:


MEGHAN DAUM - Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, December 2nd

6:00 pm at the Woman's Athletic Club


Meghan Daum will be interviewed by Elizabeth Taylor

A master of the personal essay candidly explores love, death, and the counterfeit rituals of American life In her celebrated 2001 collection, “My Misspent Youth”, Meghan Daum offered a bold, witty, defining account of the artistic ambitions, financial anxieties, and mixed emotions of her generation. The Unspeakable is an equally bold and witty, but also a sadder and wiser, report from early middle age. It's a report tempered by hard times. In "Matricide," Daum unflinchingly describes a parent's death and the uncomfortable emotions it provokes; and in "Diary of a Coma" she relates her own journey to the twilight of the mind. But Daum also operates in a comic register. With perfect precision, she reveals the absurdities of the marriage-industrial complex, of the New Age dating market, and of the peculiar habits of the young and digital. Elsewhere, she writes searchingly about cultural nostalgia, Joni Mitchell, and the alternating heartbreak and liberation of choosing not to have children. Combining the piercing insight of Joan Didion with a warm humor reminiscent of Nora Ephron, Daum dissects our culture's most dangerous illusions, blind spots, and sentimentalities while retaining her own joy and compassion. Through it all, she dramatizes the search for an authentic self in a world where achieving an identity is never simple and never complete.

For reservations, please call The Book Stall: 847.446.8880



Friday, December 5th

6:30 pm at The Book Stall

A little boy is looking for Lion. Lion is looking for lunch. And so our story begins. But look closely . . . in this tale, nothing is quite as it seems!

Children will delight in this classic picture book with a mischievous twist.

Join us for one of our famous Sleepy Story time's. Be sure to wear your pj’s and bring your favorite stuffed friend!

Recommended for ages 3-6.

This event is free and open to the public.



Saturday, December 6th

12:00 pm at The Book Stall


Join us here at The Book Stall to meet Chicago's own "Breakfast Queen", Ina Pinkney, and learn more about her revered restaurant and her new book, Taste Memories.


This event is free and open to the public.



Saturday, December 6th

3:30 pm at The Book Stall


Beyond the Door, the first in the Time Out of Time duet from Maureen Doyle McQuerry, weaves a compelling coming-of-age story with fantasy and mythology. With his love of learning and the game of Scrabble, Timothy James feels like the only person who understands him is his older sister, Sarah, and he's fairly certain nothing interesting will ever happen to him. But one night, while his parents and sister are away, the door opens, and mythical creatures appear in his own living room! Soon, a mystery of unparalleled proportions begins to unfold; revealing an age-old battle of Light against Dark, and Timothy must embark on a quest to prevent the Dark from controlling the future and changing the past. But he can't complete the quest alone. Timothy has to team up with his sister and the school bully, Jessica, to face an ancient evil, and in the process, this unlikely trio discover they are each more than meets the eye.

This event is free and open to the public.



Sunday, December 7th

10:00 am - 5:00 pm at The Book Stall


Come to the store today and receive 20% off all your purchases. It's our favorite day of the year and we love to share it with you!




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